Saturday 1 September 2018

September Will Let You Down

I’ve known you all my life,
And it sounds so glib, but it's true,
You were there the day I was born.
I grew up looking forward to seeing you.
The first time I fell in love,
I fell in love with you.
I still look out for you,
Forget everything I ever learned about
Life when you arrive.
I know you're not exclusive,
Know you make the same
Promises to anybody interested.
I haven’t been so faithful myself.
I’ve had others.
They’ve run hot and cold.
But it’s always you I want.
I want to feel your touch on my face.
I want you to make everything
All right again.
It won’t work.
It’ll rain.
Our plans to meet up like we did
When I was a kid
Won’t ever come off;
The party won’t work out
The way it should.
You’ll turn frosty and
I won’t know why.
I’m holding my breath for you.
I’m biting my lip.
September will cheat on me.
September will let me down.