Sunday 5 June 2016

Transparency Time

Show your workings.
When you do a project like this that's crowdfunded, it makes you publicly accountable. A few weeks ago I'd said that I was going to give a cost breakdown. Exactly where the money has gone and is going. And now I know, I can share that.

OK, so there's the breakdown, written in blue biro on a 40 year old prescription pad, inherited from the hoard of a deceased doctor because I prefer writing on things that are old.

Indiegogo takes out a flat 10% first.

The big expenditures are print/fulfilment and Malcolm Sheppard's extra material. About forty quid has been spent on getting four proofs (the first black and white proof wasn't right so I had to go get a second one, which is why I am a little behind in sending out the BW versions).

About that: the number at the bottom is what's left over to print Cosmic Memory. This, you might recall, is where Malcolm's material is going to be: He got sick and experienced a bunch of crises and just couldn't get his stuff done in time, but it's nearly done now, and it'll be a short run supplement, sent out printed to backers, and a pdf on DTRPG. I can tell you right now that it's going to cost more than £62 to print and ship that, but I'm actually not worried. Partly this is because in my first week I've sold a few copies off DriveThruRPG and for example some of those print copies and proofs have come right out of DriveThruRPG credit without actually touching my bank account.

What I haven't included in the breakdown above is how I've invested some of the crowdfunder money. For example I bought a share in the IGDN stand at Origins (in Columbus OH next week and no I'm not going to be there because this business isn't getting me enough for a plane ticket) and sent a bundle of copies there; even if I don't make that back immediately, there's always GenCon. So that couple hundred quid should come back and with a bit of luck a little more money.

Likewise I spent some on the ashcans for the Swansea Comics and Games Convention and made that back with a little interest. Again, we're in the scraping those last few pennies stage, but hey, a client owes me monies for some short fiction right now, and if necessary that'll go back into Chariot too.

So, yeah, Chariot has started to reach into my pocket, but not in a way I can't cope with. Still, I'd like it to be in profit, and the best way to do that is to reach out. I've been reaching out to folks with review copies and asking for honest reviews.

If you're a supporter though, if you think I've made something good, please tell people, please share it out. If you want to talk about it on forums or whatever, good or bad, do. I would rather people talk about it than didn't, even if it's not for them.