Saturday 4 June 2016

About Time (for Jon and Gina)

In the end the central thing that this will be about is time,
About the time we had the time to talk, to hold
Each other tightly in the cracks of light time shed
Through the curtains on the covers on the two of us,
The time we realised something simple, tentative
Had grown to fill all the forever we’ve evolved to comprehend.
We’re temporary, you and I, but we can watch each other, watch
The way that time will move in us and work its changes
(Is that the time?) Our bodies and our minds
Are sharp and finite, interlocking like the clock components
Tick, tick-tocking and the fact is we are all there is
And you and I, we won’t be here eternally:
Time’s a gift and if it’s given us it’s time
That you and I admit that precious permanent
Impermanence into our lives, as precious as
“I love you” and “I want to spend the time I have with you,
To make a family with you and watch the time go by with you.”
It’s time, isn’t it? It’s about time.