Friday 27 May 2016


So tomorrow – that's May 28th – I'll be at the Swansea Comics and Games Convention, manning a table with copies of MSGtm, ashcan copies of Chariot, and copies of the martial arts fantasy game Honour, which I was kindly sent from Hong Kong by a lovely bloke called Dom Parry, a fellow member of the IGDN, for the selling. All of these things will be on sale at a cut price.

At 12.30 I'll also be a panel of one with a talk entitled "Dice Problems: Politics in Role-playing Games." It's not, regardless of what you might think, about ethics in game journalism.

You'll also, by the way, want to stick around for my friend Drift in his guise as donotrunwithpixels, maker of the angriest music ever made using old Game Boys.