Sunday 29 May 2016

Here we pause for a moment

It's pretty nice.
This weekend, I'm going to be away at the National Eisteddfod (my son, who as I have mentioned before is more talented than me, is in the finals again) with nothing but a notebook, the Penguin Thomas Ligotti collection and a copy of the Gospel According to Luke. So there won't be a fiction update until Wednesday, probably.

In the meantime though, I have four copies of the Chariot ashcan edition remaining from yesterday's convention (it was rammed, seriously, people being turned away at the door) after I gave a talk about politics in role-playing games without managing to offend anyone.

Does anyone want one? It's the full game text, spiral bound on nice paper, minus the number page and a couple of the poems. They'd be £10 plus postage, and I'll sign them. Leave a comment if you want one. First come, first served.