Wednesday 11 May 2016


Svaathe, Knight of Cups.
OK, so. The final update before publication.

I checked the index over this morning, fixed stuff I missed and bolded up the primary entries, and before that I'd de-orphaned all the paragraphs, and before that I'd replaced the last couple pieces of Tarot art that I didn't feel measured up, and before that I realised that I had missed a whole blessed paragraph out from the rules (and if you have the draft it's obvious what it is) so that went in, and before that...

OK, the layout cycle of Chariot has gone through two page sizes, about a third of the art was jettisoned and replaced with better, and the font of the headers has been rethinked. Rethunk. Rethought. Whatever.

While Malcolm Sheppard wasn't able to get his stuff done on time, and was open about that, that's OK, because it's still being written and that'll be a neat little chapbook supplement, and all the backers will get that too in pdf and print if they pledged for that.

Literally the only thing I'm waiting on now is the cover/title page combo that the talented and charming Winter-H├ęberts are working on. Their preliminary designs were exactly in the range of what I was looking for, and they're not running behind. I'm due those imminently. So then? Then we're up and running. DriveThruRPG takes about a week to OK PDFs so expect to see Chariot for sale within two weeks from now. Print copies to backers I might be able to get out at the same time by going via other sources.

It's happening. So I made a game.