Saturday 14 May 2016

On bite-size serials

A ledger, well over 30 years old, with nothing yet in it.
So from about 1999 to 2011 I had a personal blog, and for big chunks of that time I used to write -- along with the usual arguments about politics, annual Eurovision Song Contest reviews, film and TV talk and poetry -- fiction in small daily serialised chunks, which I somewhat cutely tagged "bite-size serials".

It tailed off about the time I gave up on writing for White Wolf and never really recovered, and eventually I just decided to let it go, archiving the best of the posts and keeping the fictions to be used later. Some ended up reworked and published in various places (for example, part of my story "Imaginary Skin" originally got posted on that blog).

I mention it now because a lot of things have changed in my life in the last year or so. Chariot as a product and a project now stands on the brink of either flying or vanishing without trace. But I'm in a place where I want to return to first principles.

So. The plan is, now that the Chariot core has finished, to blog daily Monday to Friday, and possibly on the weekend if possible, and along with posts about occult literature (yes I have some more lined up), support material for the game and the occasional grouchy opinion piece, some of that will be new fiction, Atlantis-themed. I have a picture in my head of where to begin, and an arrow pointing to a place.

The first story, which I have just decided on a whim to call "The Prince of Exiles", starts on Monday. I hope you enjoy it.