Friday 20 March 2015

(Yeah, another Atlantis game)

It's a well worn theme. I mean, in the last ten years there's been a bunch of Atlantis-themed games out there (I know, I wrote for one of them), and I'm sure that they're great games, and they're popular, and they have all that swords and sorcery stuff that's such a thing in fantasy games right now.

I wanted to write something that stands alone. It's not a swords and sorcery game. It's about being around at the end, where something that could have been beautiful has become something awful. I want it to be about being a drop in an ocean of oppression and empire, and knowing that an ocean is made of countless drops, and the wave might start with you. I want it to be about being part of something bigger than yourself, and about knowing that the catastrophe is coming and you're not likely to survive it isn't a reason to give up hope. And about how it's worth making a better world to come even if you're not likely to see it.

I want it to be sad, and magical, and hopeful. I want it to have a sense of wonder, like the wonder I had as a kid. I want it to be beautiful. And I'm doing it because I have meant to make it for thirty years.

And that's why I think it's worth doing.