Monday 4 July 2022

The Question in Bodies podcast, Episode 1: Hope, Joy and Storytelling, with Dr Monique Lacoste


(But what sort of Doctor are you?)
It's the beginning, and the moment has been prepared for. 

For the next nine weeks, we're going to be putting out Season One of the Question in Bodies podcast, a catalogue of inconclusive conversations about culture, gender, bodies, literature, movies and horror. In this first episode I'm joined by the first of a wide cast of friends, colleagues and co-conspirators, Dr. Monique Lacoste, to talk about what representation looks like, whether we can imagine a different world, and whether or not we can find genuine hope and joy in a storytelling environment saturated with capitalist realism. When the only show in town is the MCU, where is the genuine chance to have hope, joy and, dare we say it, love? 

Expect lots of questions, and few answers, but the getting there is entertaining.

We shout out to Raquel Benedict at Rite Gud in the course of this, which is our favourite podcast right now. Raquel is going to guest in a future episode (spoilers). 

Over the next few days, you'll be able to find The Question on the usual podcast sources – it's already gone to Spotify and Amazon; Google and Apple are soon to follow. 

Thanks to Steve Horry for our logo, and the banging theme tune.