Monday 10 February 2020


(Recently rediscovered in the archive. memory of too many open mic poetry nights.) 

(adjective) (noun) of the (adjective) (noun)
(verb) the (participle) of the (adjective) (noun)
Until, (participle), (participle), (participle),
By the (adjective) (noun) and the
(adverb) (participle) (adjective) (adjective) (noun)
The (adjective) (noun) (adverb) (verb)s.
So (exhortation) to (verb) the (adjective) (noun)
(adverb) (participle) (unnecessary archaism)
Betwixt the (adverb) (participle) (adjective) (noun)
And the (adjective) (adjective) (adjective) (adjective) (noun)
As it (verb)s
As it (verb)s
Until (shoehorned internal rhyme) the (adjective) (noun) (and another one)
The (adjective) (noun) (verb)s (and another time)
(thought-provoking reversal in final line)