Friday 23 June 2017

We Don't Go Back: the Book

Alternative Titles For This Blog #207
So ever since I got past the original dozen or so posts I planned, I thought that there might be mileage in compiling and re-editing We Don't Go Back into book form.

I had this idea that it'd be a Watcher's Guide, because I don't think there is a dedicated source like that for folk horror film and TV, and so each entry would have this short capsule review, without spoilers, and maybe a little pictorial guide with little icons, so one for horror, one for gore, one for an important film, one (or two) for a good film, one for toad worshipping satanist undead bikers on the mean streets of Walton-on-Thames, and so on. And then I'd include an entry about its availability, because it matters that people are able to find these film.

And then the big essay.

I thought hard about this, but in the end I decided to Kickstarter it. That'll start in a week or two. Part of the reason, the main reason, for that is that I've got essays by other writers that I'm happy with, and I'd like to pay them a decent fee for their work.

I thought also that stretch goals might fund a companion volume for On a Thousand Walls. I wondered about perhaps doing a local screening with an intro as a book launch.

Let's see. Now I have The Age of Miracles shipped, my way is clear, I think. Look out for it next week.