Thursday 1 December 2016



So this last Sunday I opened up my writing notebook for the first time in a couple weeks – I have been super-busy – and found an action plan covering what to do when The Age of Miracles Kickstarter tanked. Take that, past me. It of course hit its target and I'm editing together the essays into a coherent form, and very good it will be too. I've sent out surveys for the backers to get postal addresses and I have the intention of paying a friend to make me a cover.

So the main part of We Don't Go Back is going to draw to a close after these posts: The Shout (I opened the New Post window seconds after it ended, so I'm still thinking about it, but my angle's going to be something to do with mediated colonialism), The Wicker Man (I know what I'm going to say about this) and a guest post about The Company of Wolves (and I'm excited, because I know Monique but I still don't know what she's going to say, although it'll probably talk a bit about how much she loves it). Then a wrap-up post. I have a yen to do with We Don't Go Back what I've done with my other essays and kickstart a book (which might include essays on Haxan and Moondial and Century Falls and The Cry of the Banshee perhaps), but I'll do that in the New Year. There might be more essays, but they'll come at a more sedate pace. I'm really glad that I discovered Robin Redbreast and I showed Penda's Fen to a friend last night, and third time watching it in a month and I still love it, and now my friend does too.

So what next? I think I might start turning Worst Case Scenario into something more serviceable. And do it on the blog. Yeah, that sounds like it might be fun. Keep watching.

I'm glad you're here.