Wednesday 23 November 2016

Not Yet Buried

I found this in a sketchbook, buried in a box.
OK, in preparing for my next We Don't Go Back post I'm in the middle of watching thirteen episodes of 1970s chidren's television, which isn't half as arduous as you think it is, because it was a good time for kids' TV. I'm actually really glad I did this project. I've revisited a lot of things I had meant to for a long time and discovered some new favourites. I've taken in more movies and quality TV than I have for years. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.To finish up then, I'm going to do Children of the Stones and The Moon Stallion in a post together, and then maybe The Shout, and then perhaps one Doctor Who serial. Along with those will be another guest post. You will know I'm done when I hit The Wicker Man. I'll miss it.

The Age of Miracles is so close to finishing. In its last week, I'm entering an imperial phase with it, I think, although whether that's going to be Eugenius, Aurelian or Marcus Aurelius, I don't know. I'll settle for Maximinus the Thracian, to be honest. Anyway! £137 from goal! SO CLOSE.
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