Monday 4 July 2016

So Now I Have a Patreon
So now, now I have an account on Patreon. The idea of Patreon is that people pledge regular sums of money, as small as you like, and they get to support an artist's work and also offer feedback on it and maybe influence the direction thereof. Some people, people with bigger audiences than me, make a living out of their Patreons, and I have no illusions about doing that, but I have a decent number of readers now, so perhaps I can scrape some pennies in the way that my old anonymous project (now dead, don't bother looking because it's gone) indirectly netted me a hundred quid or so a month.
I suppose what I'm saying is, will YOU be prepared to put in a pound or two a month to support and direct the sort of thing I write, and see the posts early, and maybe get ebooks and bonus things and stuff that only go to patrons?

I'm consistently writing thousands of words a day, and revising old work I haven't shown: games, poetry, serial fiction, art, short stories, writing about history and legend, writing about the history of Atlantis as an idea, so I'm in a good place to kick off this as a project.

To give an idea:

• I have another nine or ten of my essays in my series about the weird collapse of history at the fall of Rome, Written in Water.

• I have a piece about occult magazines in the 80s to continue the In Search of the Miraculous series.

• My serial fiction, The Prince of Exiles, has a good hundred or so more posts in it.

• An old, unfinished serial fiction which was called The Truth About Sappho, but probably won't be for long, is getting dusted off.

• Several unseen horror stories are in the wings. I have it in me to have a collection happen sometime, I reckon.

Future Friday has a bunch of essays in it about faith, identity, the human mind, and our human and posthuman future, as presented by my friend sian.

• The Chariot sequel, City of God, is going to happen.

• A proper new edition of my game MSG™, likewise.

• A full mini-roleplaying game, Worst Case Scenario (Yr Achos Gwaethaf) is going to be posted in some form next week, which is going to be a tester for maybe a further expansion of the idea. Backers are going to see this in the next day or so.

• If we can get the funding by some form or other, a comic book project in collaboration with the talented, smart and impossibly hip Steve Horry can happen.

Some of this stuff is going to happen whatever, but wouldn't it be good if I could monetise it?

This is really a pilot scheme, because truly, a lot of this stuff is going to get written and posted whatever happens, and some of it will get Kickstartered, so really I'm looking for other options to make my writing and art happens, and ensure it continues as a thing. Because I'm on a roll right now.