Thursday 3 December 2015

Fates #2

Second of three extracts. Note that in theosophical magic (and hance in the magic scheme of Chariot) physical bilocation is considered impossible.

6. The Lovers, 21. The World: The Lover of the World
The bringer of reconciliation and evolution.

You know the experience of choice, and more than anyone else, you're able to see other points of view, other lives. You know what it is to see yourself as others see you, to know the consequences of your decisions through another pair of eyes. See, you know that flesh and spirit are one, and so, the mercurial nature of your spirit governs you. Purity or sin, it makes no difference. You are the object of affection, the ardent lover, the steadfast friend. Change is everything; the diversity, unity and survival of the human race depends on human connection.

What you're like: You're made of contradictions. You are old and young, playful and serious. You are masculine and feminine. You're self-sufficient, and yet you yearn to meet the one human who can truly complete you. Until then, you explore your body and that of others, being sexually adventurous in ways that aren't physically possible for people who do not share your gifts. You are slow to anger, but you are frustrated by the narrow-minded and the bigoted, and have little tolerance for them, responding with an ironic inflexibilty of purpose that can, if not checked, turn to violence. But while the cities and tribes of Atlantis and Lemuria fall into selfishness, exclusion, hate, and the final war begins, you understand above all the cost of love, of friendship, and the emotional principles of the heart more than any other, for you know what it is to see through other eyes.

How you die: You meet the one human being who will complete you, the one destined to love you truly and the two of you, as the ground crumbles around you, merge in alchemical marriage. Then, having achieved the state of True Rebis, dissolve into spirit, your joint spirit merging with the Ak√Ęsha and becoming part of the memory of the human race.

Attributes: Add 3 points to each of Hands, People, and Psychic.

Your Boon is this: You travel at will between the sexes, and you can live in two places.
Male, female, all gradations and variations between and none at all. You can do this at will, the transformation happening in no more than a blink of an eye. More, alone of all the humans on the planet, you can truly bilocate; you have the unique ability divide yourself into two complete and entirely independent beings, one male, the other female, and exist in two places at the same time.