Wednesday 1 April 2015

Your Fate

You learned that you are fated to die, but not now

You know innately that the Catastrophe, age of fire, wave and stone, is coming and - crucially - you will live to see it, before it takes you.

You dreamed it.

The Manu of your people showed you the future.

The mystics of your tribe prophesied it. 

You read the cards. 

You just know.

The Catastrophe is coming, coming soon, in a year or five or ten and no more than that, and everyone and everything you love is at stake. The tyranny of the Black Sun, the hypocrisy of the White Emperors, they may yet survive, while others are gone.

Is that fair? Is that justice?

Can you bear to see the slaver and the oppressor endure while the poor and the voiceless on whose heads they stand die?

Can you save your own people? You won't see the world that remains after the comet, earthquake and tidal wave have finally destroyed first Lemuria and then Atlantis, but they will.

Your knowledge gives you power. You can't stop the Catastrophe, won't survive it, but nothing you do before then will end your life.

And there are wrongs to be righted before they continue into the new world.

Death, the Tower and the Chariot await. Endings, destruction, victory.

Hope that you can bring.

You will be forgotten by the world to come, but what you do in these next few months and years will be your legacy. What you do will shape the next age of the world.

Where will you stand, in the face of the coming wave?