Wednesday 15 April 2015

Your Direction to a World of Miracles

How many maps of Atlantis are there? Loads, that's how many. 

Everyone who writes about Atlantis has their own map: Lewis Spence, Ignatius Donnelly, Graham Hancock, Charles Berlitz, Otto Muck, all different (Murry Hope uses other people's). Scott-Elliot has six of them, all at different stages, each superimposed on a map of the present world. I'm drawing my own, which loosely draws on the form of Scott-Elliot's map of Atlantis at its height, the third one.

It's liberating in a way, finding places to put a mythology. Putting names for people who never really existed in a context. For a project like this, maps matter.

In a lot of ways more work has to be done setting up cultures and conflicts than in the sorts of games I'm used to writing, the modern day horror, the near-future stuff, since the world needs a sense of place. It's going to take a while, the map.