Saturday 11 April 2015

The Akâsha

Written on water, written on air, the Akâsha is not only the repository of all human race-memory but is also the morphic field that encapsulates the evolutionary potential of all living things.

All psychic development depends upon how one interacts with it. The clairvoyant reads it and discovers all potential presents, futures and pasts. The extraction of vril, the life-energy, from redwood seeds or blood is achieved by accessing the Akâsha.

Atlantean Priest-Eugenicists create the Thinking-Engines that govern Atlantean Noble marriages and Citizen education using the Akâsha as a source of data; Priest-Engineers  create vimanas that draw energy from the Akâsha, the engines that power their sky-chariots. The Throng of Bestials is the result of a violation of the Akâshic interfaces of transforming and perverting soul-destinies of already living beings.

By changing the Akâsha, one can alter destinies, change beings. All magic is the result of an attack on the Akâsha. 

The Lemurians wrote upon the Akâsha, writing detailed histories, moving vast rocks with their wills alone. The great cloud-monoliths are Akâshic miracles. 

The Rmoahals' Speech-Words are vocalisations of the Akâshic language.

And the most powerful psychics, the godlike Manus, the Siriuns, the Lhas, can alter the course of evolution itself, past, present and future.

Competing forces aim to direct human history, and have the power to make new futures, new histories. The Akâsha is at stake, and the Akâsha is everything.

The one who controls the Akâsha when the Catastrophe descends controls the future of humanity.