Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Rmoahal Bodies

So large, and yet so ignored, so silent. The shackled giants who stand in the corners and alcoves of every Atlantean city, who toil in the fields, mines and factories, who fight in the slave battalions, who huddle in the shanty towns that the Atlanteans insist so hard do not exist.

Five, maybe six cubits tall, broad-shouldered, long-limbed, the Rmoahals tower over their masters. Their skin is glossy, and always some shade of deep blue or bluish black, all too often with the scars of floggings, or owner's brands or tattoos. Rmoahal eyes are sometimes so dark you can't even see the whites, and their placid, expressionless faces reveal little.

When permitted to wear clothes, they dress simply (although it is the fashion among some of the younger Atlanteans of the White Sun to treat their Rmoahals as a child might treat a doll, painting them, braiding their hair, dressing them in fancy, impractical gowns).  Their hair they tie back without decoration.

Ki-Danuih and her Rmoahal, Ghenim
But even the most pampered Rmoahal house-slave wears the collar, the sign that they are property, permitted to eat no more than the leavings of their masters' tables, that they will be expected to return to the slave-barracks when the day is done. Obedience may not be especially rewarded, but disobedience incurs terrible punishment, often at the hands of those Rmoahal slaves who are entrusted with the whip.

While some have internalised the Atlantean narrative that it is in their nature to be slaves,  many have not.  Free Rmoahals, the ones who escaped, the ones who fought in the slave-rebellions the Atlanteans never admit exist, dress as they wish: some wear Lemurian beast-skin, some dress in the manner of Tlavatli pirates. They are flamboyant and careless. Even so, the runaways and the rebels, free as they are, still by tradition wear the collar, a sign that as long as one of their number is a slave, all are.

It is said by the Atlanteans and the Tlavatlis that the Rmoahals do not know ambition. It might have been true once, but not now. As the Catastrophe grows more imminent than ever, the whispers travel faster and faster, rumours of a colossal Rmoahal slave rebellion are treated as jokes by Atlanteans who are so used to the blue giants, so unable to imagine that those gentle faces, those deep, quiet voices, might hide a seething, brutal hatred that could bring the cities of Atlantis down in flames.


  1. These people from a almost forgotten time have been a frequent subject of my internet surfing for a long time now and the other three root races that proceeded them. Polarians, Hyperboreans, Lemurians…..
    The Atlanteans were made up of seven sub races. Some of which survived the sinking to populate the world as it is today. Two of those were the Rmoahal, and Tlavati (The latter, who sound so similar to your pirates!),. You might have read about it here.....
    I'm not disagreeing with you, because this stuff was never taught to me in school and I still regard it as myth myself. Of course, who knows the truth of it all. So, that and yours could be wrong. Not that it matters, much, because I still find it very entertaining even though a lot of people can't handle how racist it sounds. Because it's really been filtered the way it was through the majority. Still, I read about this and will always find that more appropriate. Yet it was this comic book serial published by 2000AD/Rebellion called Slaine where it all started for me (Aside from already knowing about the fall of Atlantis from documentaries, those old fantasy/scifi movies that were around more than forty years ago and television series called “The Man from Atlantis”) . They have about thirteen graphic novels if you care to look at their website's online store.....
    It was in the second GN called Slaine - Time-Killer where the speakings of a sorceror or magician hinted at the four races that preceded ours, all connected to each other somehow. This was right at the beginning and it that was all that was said about that. That particular story, part of huge chronicle of the events happening to Celtic Barbarian named Slaine who was born and raised in Tara of Pre-Diluvian Ireland before he was exiled from his tribe, the Sessair by the age of 17. He wandered and lived off the land to east and down south along with his dwarven companion Ukko. He carried a Axe called iron bladed Brain-Biter with one of those full-moon shaped blades after shattering his first axe (A smaller axe with blade made from flinstone!) on the crystal skull of a evil dragon called the Mata. After this he returned to the northern lands. A journey from Swan-Sea to Dinas Emyrs in Pre-Diluvian Wales on the back of the Knucker, a young bull dragon which he stole from dragon farm at Wyrms-head farm (This exist today as Wyrm’s Head near a beach called Rhosslie where you might find a lot of goats!) along with Nest, a witch in training. They arrive at the mystical fortress of Dinas Emyrs (Which really exists today as small but still majestic mountain!) run by Myrddin Emrys a Half-Cythrons (Alien Demons who were defeated and imprison on this world from the dawn of time. They all wear armour that looked like it was designed by H.R. Giger) Half-Atlantean (I'm not sure which of the seven races he was from and if Pat Mills (The author) uses the same sources of information that I have found. He did say that he read this book called "The Dark Gods"

    The dark gods / Anthony Roberts and Geoff Gilbertson

    Look this took me hours to type up and complete here, because of problems with my computer....I will finish this later when I figure out what I was going to end this comment with. It slipped my mind after all that's happened.....

    1. Welp. I've written about this in detail over the course of the blog.

      OK, well, first this isn't wholly a theosophical Atlantis I'm doing, it's an Atlantis that I made up when I was a kid based on what I thought a theosophical Atlantis was like. As a kid though, I read the original Time Killer run of Slaine in 2000AD, some thirty years ago. I still have those comics somewhere.

      As for the stuff about races, well I've tackled a bunch of what you go into here in the posts I've done about my source material , here. Check them out:

      There's a reason why a lot of people can't hack how racist this stuff sounds, and that's because it is really, horribly racist. Part of my project is trying to redeem that.


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