Monday 13 April 2015


Pren, the Hermit
How exactly can you summarise a five million year history? How do you preserve the history of a people who write no books?

Pren the Elder knows how impossible this is. Pren knows what might be lost.

Pren sees the gradual collapse of Lemuria, the end of everything, and the wiping of the Lemurian people from the memory of the Ak√Ęsha itself. He sees oblivion. And while so many of his people know this, and appreciate it as the way things are, the way they have to be, Pren is afraid.

Pren stood, not long ago, in the Song-Place in his cairn-city, and sang the Extinction-Song, and the Migration-Song, and some sang Acceptance, but some, especially among the Herders and the Hunters, they sang with him. And the counterpoint of the Extinction-Song became the Migration-Song.

Which is why the Final Migration has begun, a vast herd of beasts and their Lemurian keepers, that is growing, with Pren, still unsure what lies at the end, at its head, ranging North across Lemuria and through the land collectives of the Muvians, across the land-bridge and finally to Atlantis, where it will crush the City of the Golden Gates to dust beneath its ancient feet before the Atlanteans can bring the Catastrophe down.

It won't work. The Catastrophe will happen. But the Migration-Song will still be sung, and even if Pren knows deep within that his people are fated to oblivion, he will not accept it. He will fight.

The Migration may never reach Atlantis. But it is the beginning of war.

Suits: Cups 6, Pentacles 8, Swords 4, Wands 6
Cards: 6
Attributes: Animal 7, Body 6, Hands 5, People 9, Psychic 7, Wilds 7, Will 4