Tuesday 28 April 2015

Illustrating Tarot Cards

 Tarot update: 39 cards finished out of 78, although I may add a couple of cheeky extra cards. I'm varying in how close I get to Rider Waite, and the symbolism in some places, which is personal to me, may in some places seem off or even broken to a more adept reader (images after the cut, one of which is NSFW).

Some of them I'm intending to illustrate the game itself. For example, the Two of Cups, a love card, here explores parental love and its flaws, as shown in the Birthing Cups of the Blue Women.

And the Devil has the colour and symbolism of Sirius, because the new age gods from the stars thing fills me with misgivings and ambivalence (the devil's passive male slave being marked with the moon and the alert female marked with the sun isn't a mistake, by the way).

By the way, if you're interested, here's another, really amazing Tarot deck project...