Thursday 9 April 2015

Envoys from Sirius

Look, I'm doing this on my phone, ok.
Are the beings that claim responsibility for the evolutionary course of mankind as benevolent as they claim?

For the five million years we've been here the Manus, adepts overshadowed by extraterrestrial intelligences, have led the Peoples. The Lemurians allowed the guidance of the Lhas, for a time, although they're long gone.

But only the Atlanteans have received visitors from Sirius. Catlike, golden eyed, the Siriuns sit in the courts of the Atlantean kings, offering advice and praise.

You deserve your empire, they say; the other Peoples will fade but you will survive. Fair Atlantis will endure. 

Vast pyramidal temples stand in every Atlantean city, Black and White alike, every one built on the corpses of a million slaves. Sacrifices, some human - but willing, always willing - are the due of the hungry leonine Siriuns. We are gods, they say. Worship us.

The Siriuns know each other's dealings. Both Oduarpa and Helio Arcanaphus are attended by Siriun advisors, both of whom advise pursuing the war to the end, never mind the lives of slaves and commoners that will be thrown away.

There is more power left in the earth, they say. What Catastrophe? The threats and prophecies of destruction are only stories, they say. Atlantis will endure, they say.

And the warring kings believe them. And the catastrophe comes ever closer.

Siriun Courtier Suits: Cups 11, Pentacles 5, Swords 9, Wands 6
Cards: 10
Attributes: Animal 8, Body 6, People 8, Psychic 9, Will 9