Wednesday 25 March 2015

Rmoahals, the First People

Lemurian, Rmoahal, Atlantean 
The Rmoahals, First of the Four Peoples, are no better or worse than any other people, but none of the cultures of the Twin Continents are so thoroughly, so entirely oppressed.

The more benevolent and progressive of the Atlanteans, those who would consider themselves "good", think of these melancholy blue giants as ennobled by their suffering, but it's the dream of a guilty oppressor: suffering doesn't make you better. You just suffer.

They keep their mouths shut, the Rmoahals. They keep their counsel to themselves. If a Rmoahal rarely smiles, rarely shares a tender act, think about how costly a show of love can be.

An entire people, enslaved. The people who rule them watch them, use their ties as tools of control; the emotional bond of an Rmoahal is, consequently, a privately expressed thing. Violently held passions sit in bonds no less than tight than those that hold the Rmoahals themselves, and no one knows.

The whipcord-sinewed Rmoahals, dwarfed by the Lemurians, yet tower over their colonial masters. Long ago, they ceased to complain, and they never rebel, or so the copious writings of the Atlanteans insist.

These same writings recommend encouraging your Rmoahal slaves to watch each other, to inform on their movements. They encourage the housing of Rmoahal workers in locked rooms, with windows higher than Rmoahal hands can reach, narrower than Rmoahal bodies can pass through. The Atlantean slavemasters affirm that the farm tools used by the Rmoahals, down to the smallest knife, should be counted and locked securely away, every night.

No, the Atlanteans never write of slave rebellions. Uprisings never happen, they say. And yet, the Atlanteans give ample advice for their prevention.

And crucified Rmoahals line the roads of Poseidonis and the paths to the City of the Golden Gates. Rmoahal slaves without hands, eyes, noses, ears, can be found in every Atlantean city.

The Atlanteans write all the books, for the Rmoahals are forbidden to write. The Tlavatlis use the books of the Atlanteans. The Muvians keep their own books to themselves, and the Atlanteans do not read them. As for the Lemurians, they write in water and air, and only the Ak√Ęsha is their testament.

Can it even be possible for one among the Rmoahals to rise and give the First People a voice before the catastrophe comes and they are gone forever with no one to mourn them?

Who will speak?