Sunday 29 March 2015

How to say...

All these weird names. And none of them (ok, one of them) made up by me. Some of these I haven't mentioned yet.

Tlavatli: tla-VAT-lee (or cla-VAT-lee if that's easier. Or if you know Welsh, try saying that first consonant combo as "ll")

Lemurian: lem-YOU-ree-an

Rmoahal: MRO-a-HAL

Leagh: LAY-ach (hard "ch" like "loch")

Lha: LAH

Manu: MAN-oo

Muvian: MOO-vee-an

Daitya: DIE-ch-yah

Ruta: ROO-tah

Helio Arcanaphus: HEEL-ee-oh ar-KAN-a-fuss