Saturday 28 March 2015

How little I've added

This book I nearly broke my neck as a kid trying to get hold of.

In writing the setting material for Chariot, I keep finding myself amazed by how little I have to add.

Rudolf Steiner, CW Leadbeater, W Scott-Elliot, Murry Hope and others give us crazy amounts of detail and vast lacunas. Things the occultists tell us about Atlantis include, but are no means limited to...

The shape of an Atlantean house.

Lemurian third eyes.

Crystal reactors.

A vast techno-occult matrix allowing for eugenic and intellectual profiling.

The names of the Atlantean gods.

Genetically engineered beast-headed sex slaves (Charles Leadbeater gave us that one. He was pretty vile).

How many engines an Atlantean sky-chariot has.

Moon monkeys. Monkeys. From the moon.

Starships piloted by pre incarnate souls.
The concentric circular canals of the City of the Golden Gates.

The Banner of the Black Sun and its opposition to the Good Law.

Immortal Emperor-Adepts.

Beings born from sweat.

Why Atlanteans preferred blood sausage and rotted fish to veg.

Full Socialism in the Fourth People.

Atlantean bionics.

Atlantean slave economies.

Leather coins.

Occult nukes.

The invention of the banana.

And moon monkeys. Which I appreciate I've already mentioned, but moon monkeys, come on.

Oh, and a lot of stuff which is horribly, unbelievably racist. Like this.

Some of which I'm going to tackle head on.

I mentioned lacunas. What they don't tell us, I'll talk about in another post.